Etymation is an innovative approach to word study. The series of animated cartoons provide a child-friendly overview of the history of words and their spelling. look at etymology allows us to understand why our intricate spelling system, with its many irregularities and variations, often seems so irrational. Created by a New York City public school teacher, Etymation is complete with student worksheets, an Implementation Guide, and a Teacher's Manual (see Materials).

..inspiring lifelong inquiry

What is the value of studying etymologya subject
that has been traditionally overlooked in the classroom?
As we continue to raise expectations for students nationwide, the importance of a linguistics understanding for both teachers and students becomes increasingly clear. Learning about words improves reading comprehension and analytical thinking—the overall skills needed to excel through complex text. 

Having been implemented in several schools across NYC, Etymation has shown to increase enthusiasm towards language and metalinguistic awareness, thus inspiring 
further etymological exploration in students as young as seven years old. 
Emergent learners of English and students with diverse learning styles begin to approach unfamiliar vocabulary in meaningful and enthusiastic wayslike linguists do!

Gladys Aponte

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